Easter 2019 – The Facts, History And All About Easter


It is a religious festival that is celebrated by the Christian community of all the world. It is celebrated in the remembrance of the incident of the rebirth of the Jesus. It is the annual religious festival of the Christians community. It comes between specific days of the March and April every year.

It has great importance in the belief of Christianity. It is celebrated all over the over according to some traditions. Christians go to their Church. They wear neat clothes, exchange gifts and celebrate it with great passion. They visit their relatives. There is a complete holiday on this occasion. Some organizations go to the poor people of their area and support them to celebrate this occasion with great esteem.

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The week in which the day Easter actually comes is called the Holy week. The week consists of many famous days the Christians beliefs. It contains the days like Good Friday, palm Sunday etc. It has been celebrating since the resurrection of the Jesus. The actual day of Easter comes according to the time of the resurrection. As the time changes every year, so the time of Easter also changes every year. Among the Christian community, it is considered as the sign of good luck to wear new clothes on the day of Easter.

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It is day that comes just after the Easter week. It is the day for relaxation from the celebrations of the Easter. No doubt, there is no obligation to celebrate this day. There is no linking word for this day in the Holy book of Christians i.e. Bible. But it has become a tradition to celebrate this day as a part of the Easter. On this day, people complete their remaining celebrations of the Easter and some people take rest from the celebrations of the Easter. People who visit outside their places play some interesting and important games related to the festival. It was celebrated almost all over the World. But in Europe and Eastern countries, it has become very popular and has become integral part of the Easter.

Some countries include this day as Easter holiday. There is no work on this day which means all banks, schools and all other government institutes remain close on this day. But in some countries, there is no holiday on this day. So this holiday depends on you that in which country you are living. In the past, it was considered as the sign of bad luck because of the Jesus death’s day. Easter is also famous because it has a series of popular days of Christian belief. It has Good Friday and many other days like this.

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