When is Easter Monday 2019 & 2020?


Easter Monday 2019

The very first day of the week that comes after the Easter Sunday is called Easter Monday. It is also considered the part of the Easter holidays. In some countries, it is a complete holiday but in some there is a working day. In past, it was considered as the bad luck day. As it comes after the Easter and people feel sad about it. People enjoys this day as a relaxation day. Its celebrations are enjoyed in various countries according to their tradition. On this day, people go outside to celebrate the Easter and for making it a memorable day.

Easter Monday has various names in different countries. Different games are played to celebrate this day at country level. No doubt, it is celebrated after the Jesus by Christian community. But after 18th century, it has become very famous. In many countries like Australia, Belgium etc there is a public holiday for celebrations. Almost all the Government institutes remain close on this day.

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For people having strong Christian belief, thinks that it is symbol of the rebirth of the Jesus. In the Holy book of Christians, there is no description for the Easter Monday. So it is not necessary to celebrate it. Some Christians celebrate this as a day of sadness because it comes after the Jesus death day. But some celebrates it as a day of luck due to rebirth of the Jesus. So it is primarily a day that is celebrated in the remembrance of the Christ’s death. Basically, Easter is a symbol of the death of Jesus and his rebirth at the time of end of the World.

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