Touchy and Best Whatsapp Status Quotes for Girls – Love, Attitude, Angry, Happy, Sad

Quotes for Girls - Love, Attitude, Angry, Happy, Sad


Whatsapp Status for Undying Love:

  • “My love for you is beyond limits, and it only becomes stronger day by day.”
  • “Your love is a sweet drug for me to live in this beautiful world.”
  • “I forget all my worries when I think about you.”
  • “My passion is to love you from the bottom of my heart, and I like my passion.”
  • “Life looks incomplete without the essence of your love and care.”
  • “My heart beats only for you, that’s the reason I love you.”
  • “We share a strong bond of love and affection that can break any wall of hurdles.”
  • “Holding your hand was one of my best decisions, and I am glad to be with you forever.”
  • “I don’t believe in magic, but you are the best gift from God.”
  • “My love for you is unconditional, but there is only one condition to be mine always.”
  • “Life looks beautiful to get your immense love and affection.”
  • “The biggest success of my life is to fall in love with you, my queen.”
  • “It gives me a great boost to wake up with you every morning.”
  • “You are a thief of my heart, and I don’t want it back.”
  • “Whenever I get deep care and love from you, I feel like a billionaire.”
  • “The real happiness can be experienced when your love becomes your soulmate.”
  • “Your love for me is like a Christmas gift, which is full of new hopes and dreams in everyone’s life.”

Whatsapp Status for Undying Love

Whatsapp Status for Showing Attitude:

  • “If you think I have an attitude problem, then the problem is yours that you don’t have.”
  • “I don’t insult people, and I just tell the truth that they should know.”
  • “I am the most difficult rhyme to solve, so don’t even waste your time.”
  • “I can slap you with my success, so maintain distance, better for you.”
  • “Sometimes, it is good to show your attitude to emotional fools.”
  • “My level of attitude reflects the way you treat me.”
  • “I don’t want to say sorry for my mistakes, because you are nothing.”
  • “You don’t deserve me, because I know my worth.”
  • “If you see me less, I explore more.”
  • “There is no place for liars in my dictionary; I’m a nice person, not a stupid one.”
  • “Ignore the people who think whatever, just keep doing better.”
  • “If you don’t like me and see everything I do, then dear, you are a fan.”
  • “I grew up to come out from your stupidity, and you should try too.”
  • “You can’t imagine how my goodness can turn into worst.”
  • “Either you love me or hate me, and I will shine forever.”
  • “You can’t buy true love as I did, you poor lady.”
  • “There is a big difference between my attitude and my personality; don’t get confused.”
  • “My attitude may be the biggest enemy of your stupid actions.”
  • “I am a limited edition of my unique personality, accept it, or leave me alone.”

Whatsapp Status for Showing Attitude

Whatsapp Status for Angry Gestures:

  • “Some people need to open their narrow minds than opening their big mouths.”
  • “Now, I will show you how to stay happy without such stupid people like you.”
  • “Ignoring you is not the solution; I invented a way that will surely burn you slowly.”
  • “I wish you can hear my silence, and there is a thunderstorm to finish you.”
  • “It really hurts when you get to know that you wasted your valuable time for the stupid people.”
  • “The people who don’t accept mistakes can never realize the mental and emotional disturbance they did to others.”
  • “I am quite just because to see your worst level.”
  • “You can’t hide the truth of your actual personality in the shield of lies.”
  • “Some fake people are going cheaper with their thoughts and behaviors.”
  • “It feels like wastage of time to argue with people who are not in a listening mode.”
  • “Don’t angry me, because it can make you in trouble.”
  • “I don’t forgive people who have wronged me, and I have the power to end their game.”
  • “You can’t even imagine when my anger can turn to your destruction.”
  • “My anger can be a poison for those who are bad to me.”

Whatsapp Status for Angry Gestures

Whatsapp Status for Happy Feelings:

  • “I find myself blessed to be with you in the long journey of life forever.”
  • “The best remedy to kill negative emotions is to stay happy always.”
  • “Your happiness can bring a smile to the face of your loved ones.”
  • “You will be happy if you ignore what people think about you.”
  • “If you appreciate what you have, then you will be the happiest person in the world.”
  • “You will be the perfect person when you know the skill of extracting happiness from little things.”
  • “Always be excited to double your happiness by exploring the world.”
  • “The real happiness comes when you get success in your goals, so be hopeful and active.”
  • “Your well-planned efforts in the right direction leads to your happiness.”
  • “If you know the skill of what to adopt and what to let go, then you will be happy in life ahead.”
  • “Happiness is priceless and the best gift which can be cherished by all age groups.”

Whatsapp Status for Happy Feelings

Whatsapp Status for Sad Emotions:

  • “The pain from your past can spoil your present and affect your future.”
  • “There come thousands of words from my heart, but you have ignored all the time.”
  • “ We feel sad when our dear ones break our trust.”
  •  “It is not easy to hurt yourself to make others happy.”
  • “There is nothing more hurting than the people change who they used to be.”
  • “When you will come to know the importance of my love in your life, then I will be no more for you at that time.”
  • “Loneliness makes us able to face the worst situation of being hurt alone.”
  • “Bad time always comes with a valuable lesson in our life that you need to accept.”
  • “When you lose someone, it’s never the same person who comes back.”
  • “I want to feel the pain that I got by loving you unconditionally in life.”

Whatsapp Status for Sad Emotions

So, all of these are some appropriate quotes to express your deep emotions for her through Whatsapp status. She will surely come to know the exact feelings of your heart.


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